Legal Action

We advocate for families in crisis, facilitating legal assistance through pro-bono lawyers.

Get legal help through the Don’t Bully Me Project

If you are a victim of bullying, legal action may be an option.  The Don’t Bully Me (DBM) Project was inspired by David Bartlett Molak (DBM).  David is our inspiration to reach out to those in need and provide a path forward.

The DBM Project helps families in crisis or need find pro bono legal support for minors (children under the age of 18) and their parents or guardians.  That is, these attorneys volunteer their time to:

  • Answer legal questions
  • Provide legal advice
  • Educate the parents/guardians of children who are the target of bullying about their legal rights and remedies that may exist in their particular situations
  • Step in and take civil legal action in an attempt to make the bullying stop

Volunteer attorneys may send cease and desist letters to the parents of bullies making them aware of the situation, demand the bullying stop immediately, and if it does not stop, advise them of the legal actions that will be taken to ensure it does end.

Ultimately, if the harassment continues, the attorney may recommend pursuit of available legal remedies in court. In appropriate situations, attorneys file civil lawsuits against the parents of children who bully and the bullies themselves, utilizing the civil court system to obtain court orders tailored to the specific situation commanding the bullying to stop.

In instances where bullies are using technology to hide, attorneys use the civil court system to try to unmask their identity so the bullies can be confronted to bring an end to the bullying.

If you are completing the form below, we know that your child needs help. Upon completion you will receive a phone call from us within 24-48 business hours. During this call we will talk through your available resources.

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