Presentation Updates for 2021-2022 School Year:


In conjunction with our local partners, we offer student presentations statewide to help your students understand cyberbullying and David’s Law, via Zoom and in-person (in select areas). To request a presentation, please complete the form below (under the FAQ’s). Our in-person presentations are offered in:

  • El Paso (by local attorneys)
  • Greater Houston area, San Antonio and up the I-35 corridor to Georgetown, and to any school within 50 miles of the state capital (by Crime Stoppers of Houston)

All virtual presentations are presented by our partners at Crime Stoppers of Houston.


Are your school employees wondering what role they play in protecting students from bullying and cyberbullying under David’s Law?  Schedule an educator presentation to learn the different roles staff members play, how to recognize cyberbullying amongst students, and the importance of mental health intervention for the victim and the aggressor.  Request a presentation below (under the FAQ’s).

Monthly K-5th school counselor training trains elementary counselors on accessing DLF’s social and emotional learning modules and activities that address the 2022 Health TEKS relating to bullying, cyberbullying, and David’s Law.  Click here to register.


We offer parent webinars about cyberbullying each month.  Times rotate each month to accommodate every schedule.  If you would like to attend one of our parent webinars, click here to register for the time and date that is convenient for you.

Community, Club, or Business

We look forward to speaking to your local organization, club, or business about the dangers of cyberbullying, how to recognize the signs in your child, and David’s Law.  To request a presentation, please complete the form below (under the FAQ’s).

Presentation Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in a presentation?

Kinder-2nd Grade Presentations:

  • The difference between; rude, mean, and bullying behavior
  • The damage of bullying
  • Standing up for others

3rd-5th Grade Presentations:

  • What makes a behavior bullying?
  • Characteristics of bullying
  • The negative impact of bullying
  • Responding to bullying
  • Reporting bullying
  • Bullying is breaking the law

Middle School Presentations:

  • Bullying explored
  • Bullying impact on everyone
  • Stopping the bullying
  • Help is always available

High School presentations:

  • High School Bullies
  • Ramifications of Bullying Behavior
  • Stopping Bullies and Cyberbullies
  • Legal Consequences

Educator Presentations:

  • The dangers of cyberbullying
  • How to recognize signs of cyberbullying with your students
  • Cyberbullying legal and legislative initiatives with an emphasis on David’s Law
  • 15-minute Q&A session included

Local Organization, Club, or Business Presentations:

  • The dangers of cyberbullying
  • How to recognize signs of cyberbullying with your child
  • Cyberbullying legal and legislative initiatives with an emphasis on David’s Law
  • 15-minute Q&A session included

How long is a typical David’s Legacy Foundation presentation?

  • Elementary presentations last 25-30 minutes.
  • Middle school or high school presentations last 40-45 minutes.
  • Community/Club/Business & all other presentations last 45-60 minutes.
    (45-minute presentation – 15 minutes Q&A session)

How many students or other audience members does David’s Legacy Foundation typically give a presentation?

Historically we have presented to audience groups ranging anywhere from 25-1000+ attendees. The David’s Legacy Foundation message can be delivered to small or large groups. We encourage you to evaluate what is best for your school or organization. 

Can you provide references so I can speak to another school administrator about their experience with David’s Legacy Foundation?

Yes, we can provide you with a list of school administrators that would be happy to speak with you about their experience with David’s Legacy Foundation.

Please contact the David’s Legacy Foundation at, Subject: Presentation References.

What is the process to book a presentation with David’s Legacy Foundation?

Once you have reviewed the FAQ’s, please complete the presentation request form. Upon receipt of your request, preferably 4-6 weeks in advance of event, the David’s Legacy office will check availability of our speakers for the date(s)/time(s) you have requested. We will contact you back within 24-48 hours to discuss your presentation needs further. 

The DLF Speakers Bureau is a volunteer program. We cannot guarantee speaking requests will be filled but will do our best. 

Is there a cost involved?

There may be a speaking and/or travel fee depending on the location and number of presentations requested. To find out more about the speaking and/or travel fees, please contact David’s Legacy Foundation at 

What is the expectation of a school or organization after the presentation?

The David’s Legacy Foundation presentation is a great step in educating students, parents, and educators on cyber and other forms of bullying.

Upon completion of a DLF presentation all participants at the school or organization are asked to complete a short online survey – providing feedback on the DLF presentation.

Schools are encouraged to follow up the conversation with their students and continue educating on bullying and cyberbullying.

Schools are also encouraged to start a kindness campaign to help students keep conversation going.


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