Use Your Voice

Use your voice to bring awareness to the cause and help end cyberbullying. There are many things a parent can do to help in the fight against cyberbullying. The first place to start is by getting involved where much of the bullying starts. The local school.

Just a few of the ways to help:

  • Get involved with your local PTA/PTSA to help create events to bring awareness to the issue.
  • Talk to the school administration about making digital citizenship a priority.
  • Look for clubs at the school that students may have already started and get involved.
  • Can’t find a club help start one.  Work with the administration to start kindness initiatives in the school to continually raise awareness
  • Get involved with the educational programming that your school is using to teach kids about bullying.

We offer presentations that you can book to have a speaker come share with your local school or community.  Use your voice to engage us to help.

Presentation Information