Make it a Family Affair

The fight to end cyberbullying is best approached as a family affair.  Parents are the biggest influence in their children’s lives.  As a parent you need to be setting the right examples for your children by demonstrating how to treat others both online and in the real world.  

Show empathy for others and make sure to involve your children in helping those in need in the community by getting involved in church groups, local charities or even starting your own campaigns to help end cyberbullying.

Have open discussions with them about digital empathy and how powerful the reach of the internet can be.  Things have changed drastically over the years and with the reach of the internet there is no escaping the bullying that once only happened at school or on the playground.  Show them articles from the news about real life cases of cyberbullying and the cost to the individuals and their families.  Share the short film “The Soul Behind the Screen” to help educate them about the human souls behind the social media platforms that are affected.

Take the Pledge Together