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Today, with all the social networks accessible to kids and teens, it’s very easy for teachers, administrators,and parents to misunderstand the harms of the internet.  It’s also easy for students to forget that there is a real person behind every user name and that the consequences of negative posts and comments can have life-long consequences.

We all must understand what cyberbullying is and how much pressure and pain it can put on our young people.  That’s where we can help you. You can schedule a presentation through this website for a David’s Legacy Foundation speaker come talk with your school or work community about the dangers of cyberbullying and what they can do to stop it. These speakers will educate students, parents, and staff on what cyberbullying is, provide a brief overview of the laws, and how they can help protect young people from being targets of this abuse.

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Empower Your Students

Start a Campaign

A great way to get yourself or your students involved in the effort to end cyberbullying is to start a campaign at your school.  Read our article about how you can start a campaign and checkout the provided resources we can help you with.


School Initiatives and Programs

  • Be Internet Awesome
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  • Amerigroup Program
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Other Resources

Celebrate Your Students

One of the best ways to fight cyberbullying is celebrate good deeds by speaking out about things you see students doing that make a difference.  Ensure that you are recognizing students for what they do to advocate for social justice in the school and the community.  It is every bit as important if not more so to celebrate those deeds as it is to recognize students for athletic victories or scholastic achievements so that you are helping foster an inclusive environment for students to thrive in.

Nominate Them to Be a Haley’s Hero

After David’s death, his cousin, Haley Hildebrand, knew she wanted to honor David and make a difference in the lives of other teens who had experienced the devastating effects of cyber bullying. She spent countless hours of her time and energy raising awareness of the issue of cyber bullying, promoting a culture of kindness, and advocating for change. Sadly, her efforts were cut short when she was tragically killed, at the age of 20, in an auto accident on June 18, 2016, just five months after David’s death.

As an educator if you have someone you feel is an excellent advocate against bullying or spreading awareness you should nominate them for a Haley’s Hero.  Haley’s Heroes are individuals who are contributing to the awareness and ending of cyberbullying.

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Nominate A David Molak Kindness Scholarship

David Molak Kindness Scholarship is intended for individuals who demonstrate the following characteristics.

  • You are wholeheartedly inspired by the vision of a kinder world and show the character and commitment to undertake initiatives of kindness that create a positive impact in your school and community.
  • You have consistently demonstrated your commitment to positive actions that affect the social, emotional, character, and citizenship environment of your school.
  • You inspire others through your actions and your strong character. You do not tolerate bullying and are always an upstander, never a bystander.
  • You are compassionate, aware, open-minded, creative, and innovative.
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