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Sponsor a Lunch and Learn at your company

If you are in the Texas you can sponsor a lunch and learn to help your company get involved with the pledge to stop cyberbullying.  Learn about the presentations David’s Legacy Foundation provides to help educate co-workers, parents and even your community. Be part of the solution and help spread the word on how to fight cyberbullying.

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Start A Yard Sign Campaign

Show your stance against cyberbullying by starting a yard sign campaign.  You can express your feelings as a community by convincing the neighborhood, local churches, and schools to display signs standing against cyberbullying.  Take a stand today and start your campaign.

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your support can make a difference

Your community needs your support to help end cyberbullying.  While sponsoring lunches and starting campaigns are important things to do to raise awareness and educate the community not everyone has the time to give.  Another way to help the community is through donations that can help us provide services to people who need them most.  Any donation helps but if you want to become a sponsor follow the link below for information on the different sponsorship levels.

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