Education is key to increasing awareness of the problem of bullying in this modern world of technology and social media.  We believe that this is a community issue that requires parents, students, educators, business leaders, and legal experts to come together in partnership to address this issue. Although we all play a part in prevention, the core of the solution lies in our youth. Who better to drive the change than those who are living in it on a day to day basis.

Through our presentations, we educate and empower the audience to be part of the solution.  David’s Legacy Foundation believes there is ‘no check the box’ solution and the conversation on how to address the problem needs to be ongoing. We provide resources and materials that facilitate additional dialogue around prevention as well as provide tools for victims, aggressors, and bystanders.  Our school programs are dedicated to reinforcing our message of personal responsibility and to provide tools to students to kickstart a positive movement in their school communities.  And lastly, the legacy that David Molak left behind is one that celebrates and recognizes students that do the right thing.


Today, with all the social networks accessible to kids and teens, it’s very easy for teachers, administrators,and parents to misunderstand the harms of the internet.  It’s also easy for students to forget that there is a real person behind every user name and that the consequences of negative posts and comments can have life-long consequences.

We all must understand what cyberbullying is and how much pressure and pain it can put on our young people.  That’s where we can help you. You can schedule a presentation through this website for a David’s Legacy Foundation speaker come talk with your school or work community about the dangers of cyberbullying and what they can do to stop it. These speakers will educate students, parents, and staff on what cyberbullying is, provide a brief overview of the laws, and how they can help protect young people from being targets of this abuse.

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Through our online resources and complementary stickers and posters, we strive to give parents, students, and educators, additional tools so that they may further address the issues of bullying and cyberbullying in their communities.  Our educational materials, power point presentations, blog posts and links to recommended outside resources provide reinforcement for those who are dedicated to ending this abuse.  We work to continually increase our knowledge of current trends and research so that we can keep communities apprised of the most up to date resources and solutions related to issues surrounding bullying, cyberbullying and suicide awareness.


  • Take it Seriously – Coming Soon
  • Eyes and Ears – Coming Soon
  • Empower Your Students – Coming Soon

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Participate in Our Programs and Events

David’s Legacy Foundation collaborates with corporate stakeholders in designing and implementing engaging programs and events where students are given tools to be leaders against bullying within their own school and community. Empowered students can be part of the solution by taking personal responsibility for ensuring their peers, and future generations understand the importance of this issue, how to address it, and where to go for help if they need it.

  • Be Internet Awesome Teen-Ambassador Program-Coming Soon
  • Amerigroup Student Leadership Event-Coming Soon
  • Other Student Led Initiatives-Coming Soon


David’s Legacy Foundation believes that celebrating young people when they do the right thing is just as important as recognizing them when they achieve academic or sports excellence. DLF highlights students through various avenues such as website recognition, board resolutions, state recognition through our legislative partnerships, and scholarships.

Understanding Cyberbullying

Understanding what cyberbullying is and why it is so dangerous is key to eliminating the problem.  One of the pillars that David’s Legacy believes in is education.  We provide speakers, presentations, and education materials that help parents, teachers, and communities spread the news and fight cyberbullying.