The Don’t Bully Me (DBM) Project

Legal action may be an option if you are a victim of bullying.  But first, you need to understand your rights and the resources available to you.  Our Don’t Bully Me (DBM) Project’s goal is to bridge the gap between those who are targets of bullying/their families and the civil legal system that, in many cases, can end severe bullying.  The DBM Project is entirely made up of volunteer attorneys who donate their time to assist in situations when minors are involved in serious incidents of bullying.

Our DBM Project volunteer attorneys provide pro bono services to assist minors (children under the age of 18) and their parents or guardians when they are involved in serious incidents of repeated physical, verbal, social bullying or cyberbullying.  Specifically, our volunteer DBM attorneys:

  • Answer legal questions
  • Provide legal advice
  • Educate the parents/guardians of children who are the target of bullying about their legal rights and remedies that may exist in their particular situations
  • Step in and take civil legal action in an attempt to make the bullying stop

DBM attorneys will send cease and desist letters to the parents of bullies making them aware of the situation, demanding the bullying stop immediately, and if it does not stop, advising them of the legal actions that will be taken to ensure it does end.

Ultimately, if the harassment continues, the attorney may decide to pursue available legal remedies in court. In appropriate situations, DBM attorneys file civil lawsuits against the parents of children who bully and the bullies themselves utilizing the civil court system to issue court orders tailored to the specific situation. These are court orders commanding the bullying to stop.

In instances where bullies are using technology to hide, DBM attorneys use the civil court system to try to unmask their identity so the bullies can be confronted and to bring an end to the bullying.

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